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12 Free tools to create online videos for your Facebook and Instagram ads

The purpose of this article is to provide you with 12 Free tools to create online videos for your Facebook and Instagram ads.

According to recent statistics, today Facebook and Instagram give visibility to ads or posts in video format of 67%, and only 22% to those who are in image format. Therefore, it is important to begin to consider a change in the visual strategy of our communications.

Well, if you do not, you will be competing to show your ads in the only 22% that corresponds to ads with image format. This of course gives you less chance to succeed, compared to if you compete with the 67% that corresponds for ads or publications in video format.

From the efficiency approach, yes, definitely creating videos takes much more time and requires additional skills. But, what if we start to think more effectively, and instead we make fewer ads or publications but with more quality, according to what our current times, users and the same tools of social networks demand. Achieving greater visibility and brighter results.

In digital marketing, everything is to try and prove, to achieve it.

Therefore, below we share with you 12 free tools to create online videos for your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

12 Free tools to create online videos for your Facebook and Instagram ads

#1 Facebook Editor – Business Manager

This is the fastest option you can count on. Facebook’s business manager allows you to quickly convert images and texts into 15-second videos. If you are not an expert in video editing, this is definitely your way to go.

#2 Quik by GoPro

Quik is a tool that makes it easy to access, edit and enjoy your GoPro photos and videos. It is easy to use since you only have to upload your content automatically and you can instantly create incredible videos with synchronized music in just a few clicks.

#3 Stayfilm

Stayfilm is a tool to create online videos with fantastic visual effects and exceptional movie quality. In this tool you do not have to edit anything. Everything is done through an automated selection of photos and videos, your social networks or uploaded files.

#4 Vidlab

VidLab is another tool of the 12 Free tools to create online videos for your Facebook and Instagram ads. It is an online video editor that allows you to instantly edit multiple tracks and multiple clips. What allows you to easily create beautiful and funny videos. It allows you to add texts, illustrations, music, videos and sounds.

#5 Cinema Graph Pro

Cinemagraph Pro is a tool for creating online videos that allows redefining a visual narrative through photography, social networks and digital advertising using cinemagraphs. With advanced features and a simplified process, Cinemagraph Pro makes cinemagraph creation fun, fast and easy.

#6 Hyperlapse by Instagram

Hyperlapse is a mobile application created by Instagram that allows users to create online videos using the effects of hyperlapse and time-lapse. The application allows users to record videos of up to 45 minutes of images in a single shot.

#7 Boomerang by Instagram

Boomerang is an application for video editing created by Instagram. It allows you to create captivating mini videos that rotate from one side to another as a flash. If you want to impress your audience with something different, try to include one or another Boomerang in your social media strategy.

#8 Splice

Splice is a free video editing application that works on iOS, allows you to easily add titles or transitions, crop, delete, resize, change start and end points or even adjust the speed of video clips for your marketing campaigns .

#9 iMovie

iMovie is a video editing software application created by Apple Inc. for Mac and iOS. iMovie provides the basic and simple editing tools you need to create videos.

#10 Square Ready by Animoto

This video editing tool allows you to select a predefined template or start from scratch, it allows you to upload your photos and video clips or select from your stock of Getty Images. By using the tool, you can also customize the video by changing colors, music and texts.

From Imagine Hub, Digital Marketing Agency, we hope that this article has been very useful. We encourage you to explore one of these 12 Free tools to create online videos for your Facebook and Instagram ads for more engagement in your posts or campaigns. If you know other tools that you would like to share with our community of readers, feel free to comment below and share it with all of us.