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4 Free tools to create online quizzes

The purpose of this article is to provide you with 4 Free tools to create online quizzes.

“The more interactive, the better…”

Nowadays, companies must adapt to the formats demanded by new behaviors and tastes of their customers. Let’s switch from boring and long texts to online questionnaires. Online quizzes are a MUST this year for all those companies that seek to obtain new clients, or promote their brand in a cool way.

With a less direct approach, online quizzes allow us to get to know better our clients, their tastes and even obtain their personal data in a creative and non-invasive way. The advantage of the quizzes is the virality that accompanies them. It allows you to capture more attention with the least effort and / or investment. It is a tool that will help you to bring traffic to your website in an easy way.

Internationally successful companies such as Unilever, Heineken and Toyota already use these quizzes. And you? When will you begin?

Below we share with you 4 free tools to create online quizzes in an easy way:


4 Free tools to create online quizzes


Typeform is a tool created in Barcelona that will help you create an online quiz of any kind. It is easy to use and completely customizable. You can use it to generate leads or to grow your brand. Typeform offers you already created templates, which will facilitate your work. Its free version will allow you to elaborate up to 10 questions. Typeform is one of the most friendly and modern online quiz tools that exist at the moment. We recommend it 100% for any marketing action.

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Kahoot unlike Typeform is a more interactive platform. It is very popular within the education sector. Kahoot allows you to create quizzes in an interactive way and as a game. Kahoot is also used in business conferences where the speaker wants to add a more interactive touch to his conference, involving the audience. The audience can respond in real time from their mobile phones, and the speaker get in real time, the result of the answers. We invite you to try this tool in your interactive presentations.

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Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a tool recognized worldwide for offering an online solution to the creation of surveys for market research or customer satisfaction surveys. Survey Monkey has developed a new category for the creation of quizzes for those companies that venture into the world of inbound marketing and want to give a more fun touch to their marketing actions in social networks or in their email marketing campaigns.

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EasyLMS by Quizworks

EasyLMS is a tool created in the Netherlands. It will allow you to create quizzes in an easy way and will offer you an efficient technical support. The free version offers up to 15 questions per quiz. It is also an excellent alternative option to the others mentioned above.

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We can help you to create your quizzes!

We hope that this article will be useful when creating a quiz for your company. If you need advice or have any questions about how to create it, contact us and we will help you create it. Start to win new customers creatively!

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