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5 Ways to maintain a proactive attitude in life and at work

We often find ourselves in situations in which everything we have to do is postponed and postponed until it becomes part of our personal and work lifestyle.

Yes, the terrible friend called “procrastination” accompanies us at every moment of our day as a shadow that does not allow us to be that proactive person that we want to reach or be again. Shining and doing important things in our daily lives that bring meaning, new experiences and personal growth.

If you think about it, how many things have you stopped doing in the last week that you have had to do but instead you have been lying on the couch watching your cell phone or TV and nothing else? Yes, I’ve also been there once in a while in my life, and I imagine you too.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with 5 ways to maintain a proactive attitude in life and at work. As well as, how can you avoid having procrastination in your life again.

#1 Define goals in every aspect of your life

It is normal that sometimes we get lost and do not remember ourselves because we do what we do in our daily lives. Something that helps me a lot is the creation of a personal Power Point about my life every year.

In this presentation I define goals in the different aspects of my life: personal and professional. I define those things that I like about myself and my life, and those that I would like to improve and achieve. All with comments and images. Well, our life is possible to design more or less as a business plan.

I believe in the visualization of things and situations. Therefore, having goals and a clear visualization of what we want will help us to have our active productivity levels. As well as our motivation.


5 Ways to maintain a proactive attitude in life and at work
5 Ways to maintain a proactive attitude in life and at work


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# 2 Create a weekly to-do list

Often on my mobile I create notes on what I should do in the week. In list format. So I try to do everything or almost everything. In this way, I create a reminder of those things that I want to achieve in the week. Either, exercise 3 times a week, read 30 pages of a book, finish the corporate presentation, write 2 blog articles, go to the supermarket, call my family, or whatever was of importance to you.

At the end of the week you can see how many of the things on your list you have achieved. So you can have proof of what you are doing with your time.

Try to make your weekly list aligned with the goals you have defined for each aspect of your personal and professional life.



5 Formas para mantener una actitud proactiva en la vida y en el trabajo


# 3 Surround yourself with proactive people

As the saying goes “He who walks with lame, limps a year …”. If your social circle is nothing productive, chances are that you will also acquire this terrible habit.

Therefore, I recommend that you seek to surround yourself with productive people and who seek to move forward in life. With this I don’t want to tell you to remove friends or colleagues from your list. Simply that you analyze your environment of people and invest more time in people who want to achieve things similar to those you want and thus create synergies. The good attracts the good. Just as bad attracts bad. It rarely works the other way around.


5 Ways to maintain a proactive attitude in life and at work


#4 Stay active 

Procrastination goes hand in hand with a sedentary lifestyle. Get active Go to the gym, participate in outdoor exercises with groups of people, go climbing on the weekend, talk to your coworkers or go hiking. Go to work by bike, walk 30 minutes every day. Call your friends, listen to music, watch new videos, listen to podcasts, meditate, read new books, travel, create new experiences.

Staying active will keep our brain active. What will make productivity become part of our lifestyle. Turn all this into a habit so you won’t lose it.

Try to wake up a few minutes before your normal schedule so you can wake up quietly and create a mini routine before going to work. Watch the sunrise, have a coffee, read the newspaper, listen to music or have breakfast at home. If you calculate the time you stay in bed procrastinating waking up every month, you would be surprised.


5 Ways to maintain a proactive attitude in life and at work


#5 Be positive and do things that make you happy

Productive people see the positive side in things. I have never met a proactive person who is negative. Be positive. Being positive overnight is difficult. But if you propose it, you will achieve it.

Being a positive person you will try to include in your life the things that make you happy. This will influence your life in an incredible way. You will want to wake up every day, because a great day will always wait for you. As well as good things will follow you in life.

If you need extra motivation, you can listen to videos of positive messages on YouTube, this will give you an extra boost of positivism.

When was the last time you ate that cake that you like so much? Or what did you go to your favorite place in your city? That’s what I mean. Do those things you like. We often forget to do it and our life becomes monotonous.

Get out of the routine and do those things that make you happy again. If you don’t remember what they are, do a brainstorming and write them down so you don’t forget them. Remember when you were a child and write down those things that made you laugh out loud.


5 Formas para mantener una actitud proactiva en la vida y en el trabajo


To conclude… 

I hope that these 5 ways to maintain a proactive attitude in life and at work will help you to create a new, more active lifestyle. Remember that this does not happen overnight. Be patient with yourself and in a matter of days, you will have achieved it and you will be on the right path. Follow us on LinkedIn to view similar content every week.