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6 Reasons to create an ecommerce

Deciding whether or not to create an ecommerce can bring a series of doubts for every business owner. I understand that, because that means changing the way we operate a little, and the mandatory task of assigning new tasks to team members falls. But sometimes, what requires an extra on our part, can offer us the solution we are looking for to maximize our income.

With this article I want to convey to you, and tell you, don’t be afraid to create an ecommerce. If you’re nothing technological, don’t worry. The good thing about everything online is that the investment is relatively low, compared to opening a physical store, and also, when doing it online, you can be wrong until you get the right way to do it.

The important thing is to start trying, and gradually discover the benefits that an ecommerce can offer your to company, to your work team and to you.

The purpose of this article is to share with you the 6 reasons why you should create an ecommerce today and stop doubting it:

6 Reasons to create an ecommerce.

# 1 You will create new sales channels

The first reason for the 6 reasons to create an ecommerce is that by opening your own ecommerce you will create new sales channels which translates into new growth possibilities for your business.

The positive thing about it is that you will give visibility to your products and your company in a different channel than the one you already own. This new sales channel will offer you the possibility of increasing your sales volume, increasing hours of operation and allowing you to better understand your customers.

#2 You will increase the sales volume

The second reason for the 6 reasons to create an ecommerce is that having it will double or triple your company’s sales. The good thing about everything online is the range it offers. A physical store has a range up to a certain radius.

An ecommerce has no scope limits. Parallel to the creation of your ecommerce, you can create online marketing campaigns that help you bring more traffic to the pages of your products, with the final purpose of achieving the highest possible number of sales.

#3 You will give more visibility to your products

The third reason for the 6 reasons to create an ecommerce is that you will let the world see that your products exist, and let you know more about what you do. Giving visibility to your products also contributes in parallel with your company’s branding.

We recommend that all your products have good descriptions and that these are very specific. In addition to being accompanied by good photographs. Remember that the customer can not touch or feel your product, you must rely on the photo you see and nothing else. You can also choose to create mini videos of your products. This will help you boost sales. Work with white or clear backgrounds.

#4 You will increase operating hours 24/7

Another of the wonders of creating an online ecommerce is that it will allow you to operate 24/7. An online store is always open, allowing you to receive orders at any time without any limit. And this is a reason with great weight.

#5 You will explore new markets

Often if we do not have an ecommerce we will not know how far we can go. By having an ecommerce and selling online, new markets may open for our business. Here lies the beauty of everything online, you can explore and try, until you get the best results for your company.

For example, if until now you have only been able to sell in Spain, with the help of an ecommerce, accompanied by online marketing campaigns, you can propose to enter new markets such as Latin America or northern Europe. You must make these types of decisions based on the demand of your product and the preferences of each consumer in each country.

#6 You will learn more about your customers

The last reason for the 6 reasons to create an ecommerce is that by creating an ecommerce you will allow yourself to learn more about your customers. Everything online allows you to measure and obtain statistics at different stages of the purchase process. You will be able to obtain data such as the conversion rate, return on investment, traffic by countries, buy by countries or cities, which intermediaries or affiliates help you sell more, among other statistics of interest.

Another way you can learn more about your customers is through customer service and reviews of your products. All this will help you improve your sales process and your products.

Bonus: 3 Alternatives to create your ecommerce online.

#1 Create your store on your website with an ecommerce included

One of the alternatives to start selling online is to create your own ecommerce on your website.
This option is recommended if you are interested in saving commissions from platforms such as Amazon or Etsy. In addition, this option offers you greater autonomy in the online sales process and in the personalization of the route through the different purchase stages.

If you choose to have your own ecommerce on your website, remember to always keep your inventory up to date, comply with product delivery times and offer good customer service. Also ensure that your buyer security ecommerce including items such as payment trust badges or SLL certificates on your website. Since logically this must trust your website at the time of making a payment. Many people often stop shopping because an ecommerce does not convey security.

If you need help creating your own ecommerce, click here to start creating it.

#2 Create your ecommerce on Amazon

Another alternative and that requires less investment in the short term, is the creation of your own store on Amazon. The benefit of creating your store on Amazon lies in the visibility of this platform internationally and locally. Which allows you to give visibility to your products and start selling quickly.

Try to sell good products and offer good customer service. Well, a damage to your reputation can be achieved with bad comments or reviews from your customers. Finishing to greatly affect your sales. Today online consumers pay close attention to what others say in the product reviews.

The negative part of Amazon is the 15% that you will have to pay to the platform for each sale made. Consider this% in the final price of your products so that it does not affect your profit margin so much.

If you need help creating your Amazon store, contact us and we will guide you through the process, or simply, click here to start selling directly on Amazon.

#3 Create your store on Etsy

Etsy is the third alternative we offer you. If your products belong to the category of DIY or Handmade products, this is undoubtedly a good alternative for you and your business.

Etsy in recent years has positioned itself as a platform to buy and sell handicrafts. So if your products are artisans, it is advisable to start selling on Etsy. Create your profile and start uploading your products. We recommend you read success stories from other vendors so you can get inspired and do it the right way from the beginning. Always try to have good pictures of your products.

Do not forget that when selling on Etsy you will have to pay a small amount to the platform for sales commission. Here you can access Etsy to explore this platform further.

Are you ready to create your ecommerce?

We hope this article has given you the extra motivation you needed to start an ecommerce. If you need help in the development of your project for the creation of your first ecommerce, you can contact us, and we will gladly help you to launch this incredible project. Either in the development part of the idea, in the creation of your website with ecommerce, or in the creation of your store on Amazon or Etsy platforms. Contact us here.