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Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses in 2021

Today, having a digital presence is essential to run a business. Small and medium-sized companies are not exempt from this, with globalization present much more than ever, small businesses compete with large companies which forces them to have greater competitiveness but at the same time better opportunities for growth by reaching more people.

Competing in the digital world does not have to be expensive. There are free digital marketing tools that will help you achieve your goals in 2021.

Here are five free digital marketing tools for Small and Medium Businesses in 2021

Free Digital Marketing Tools

Google Analytics

You’ve probably already heard of Google Analytics, it’s worth mentioning anyway in case you don’t know everything you can do with this free digital marketing tool. Google Analytics allows you to analyze everything that happens on your website from the traffic, the audience, and the behavior of your users. This powerful tool will help you better understand which products and pages on your website are visited the most and improve your marketing strategy.


This free digital marketing tool created by buffer allows you to create and edit engaging images not only for your social networks but also for your blog posts. It is a fairly simple tool to use with a large image bank and quotes to create content.


Buzzsumo is a free digital marketing tool that helps you intelligently boost your content. This tool allows you to obtain information on the most searched content, track brands, identify links shared by influencers, among other things. In this way, you can create good content that generates engagement and is shared.

Creator Studio

This tool created by Facebook allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place. Among its benefits is that you can store your content in one place, it has an inbox that allows you to respond to all your messages and also the comments they make on your accounts.

At the moment this tool has more functions available for Facebook than Instagram, for example, that it does not allow you to create content for stories.


If you did not know canva, here we present it. This free digital marketing tool allows you to create quality images to create content. Canva allows you to use different templates to design presentations, logos, email headers, and more. It also allows you to download files in png, jpg, video, gif, and pdf.


There are a wide variety of free and paid tools that you can use to manage your marketing actions. The most important thing is that the tools you decide to use respond to your needs and can help you optimize your time and investment, and help you obtain your results.

There are many other tools that you can use for your marketing actions. Here we suggest other Blogspot that can help you:

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As a small and medium business, we know that managing all of your marketing actions can be challenging. We can help you Contact us!