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How to make a corporate presentation

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to make a corporate presentation. Explaining what a corporate presentation is, as well as providing you with the steps and sections that you must apply to create a good corporate presentation.

At the end of the content we share with you an example of a corporate presentation that we have made so that you can use it as an example. If you need help in making your corporate presentation, do not hesitate to contact us here.


What is a corporate presentation

A corporate presentation is a document for corporate, commercial and marketing use, which describes the identity of the company itself and is used to convey a first impression to customers on this company and on the products or services it offers.


Sections of a corporate presentation

Below we list the sections that you should not forget to include in a corporate presentation. Depending on your type of company, you should choose to include some sections or not:

  • About Us: Here you must explain who they are. What does the company do.
  • Mission, Vision and Values: You must provide information on the corporate pillars.
  • History or Timeline: share a little about the history of the company’s evolution.
  • Team: here you can include information about the entire team or only the founders.
  • Added value: highlight the added value of your company, its products or services.
  • Social Responsibility: you have mentioned the CSR actions that your company maintains.
  • Products or Services: present them in the best possible way. Highlight its benefits.
  • Clients and / or Testimonials: share logos of current clients or testimonials from them.
  • Quality certifications: do not forget to include them, this gives confidence and trust.
  • Contact: include the contact details of your company.

Keep in mind that these are the most common sections in a corporate presentation. But if your objectives deserve to include a different section than this, you can do it. The important thing is that this presentation is effective and aligned with the objectives of your company.

How to make a corporate presentation

Next, we explain step by step how to make a corporate presentation:

Step 1: Define the purpose of the corporate presentation

The first step in making a corporate presentation is to determine what your purpose is. What we want to say, what we want to achieve and to whom we are going to present it. Talk to your team, ask them what information about your company is most relevant to your customers, and what content or statistics would help them get more customers. Do a little internal Brainstorming.

Step 2: Determine the structure of the corporate presentation

From there, we will proceed to create the corporate presentation structure. We will define how many pages and which sections we will need. We recommend that the corporate presentation does not exceed 20 or 30 pages. Remember that the corporate presentation should be a short but concise presentation of the company.

Then, we will proceed to write the content that we will include in the corporate presentation, as well as, to compile the images that will be included in each page: logos, photos of founders and / or employees, photos of the offices, photos of the services or products , etc…

Make sure that the texts included are clear and easy to understand. Include positive and winning phrases about your business.

Step 3: Design the corporate presentation

After having all the structure created for the corporate presentation, including content and images, we will proceed to select the indicated platform to create our corporate presentation.

There are many ways on how to make a corporate presentation. You can choose to make the corporate presentation using Power Point, Google Slides, Canva, PhotoShop or Illustrator. Choose the platform that is easiest for you to use and that is functional over time.

Step 4: Final tests and team feedback

Once the design of the corporate presentation is finished, send it to some members of your team and ask for their opinion. It will allow you to detect possible errors or include some important information that you forgot to include in the initial scheme.

It is also important that one of your commercials use the corporate presentation and do a presentation essay to one or two people using the corporate presentation. It will allow you to detect before final use if the order of the content is really consistent and if it will have the desired final impact.

Step 5: Distribution and end use of corporate presentation

Finally, the process of how to make a corporate presentation consists of sending the corporate presentation to the members of your commercial or marketing team so that they send or present to their prospects. Make sure it maintains good quality and that the file is not too heavy.

Corporate Presentation Example

Here is an example of a corporate presentation that we have created at our digital marketing agency. You can use it as an example to follow. Click here or on the button below to open it. If you would like us to help you make a corporate presentation for your company, contact us here.