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Know the 6 main types of hashtags on Instagram

Las importancia de los hashtags de Instagram no sólo radican en que ayudan a categorizar los contenidos o en que los hacen visibles para los usuarios, sino que son una forma efectiva de obtener más seguidores, aumentar el alcance orgánico de las publicaciones y el reconocimiento de marca.

6 types of Instagram hashtags

On Instagram there are different types of hashtags which can be used for different purposes and to help you connect with your audience, offering you greater visibility and reach within the competitive social network and its battleground of brands. Below we list the 6 types of Instagram hashtags that you should take into account when defining your hashtag strategy for your brand’s publications:

#1 Brand Hashtags

These typically include your brand name, a brand tagline, or a brand tagline. It will typically be included in most of your brand’s posts, and you can encourage followers to use it in posts for contests or other content they think is related to your brand (also known as user-generated content). For example: #cocacola #starbucks #ikea.

#2 Location Hashtags

These can include the city, state, region, or even the shopping center where your business is located. Local businesses can leverage these hashtags to connect with local users who could become customers. Think #LoveBarcelona or #MadridMola.

#3 Hashtags of niche interest

Hashtags can be used to find users interested in your content, and appealing to niche interests like technology, vegan food, or crypto currency trends through relevant hashtags can help you do exactly that. Examples may include #bigtechnews #veganlife #cryptonews #cryptobarcelona

#4 Highly attractive hashtags

These are the “love, life, laughter” signs of the hashtag world, and many of them appear on the list of popular hashtags of 2021. These are often used and well recognized, such as #instagood #instafollow or #TGIF, and can help you attract a broader audience base.

#5 Seasonal Hashtags

Seasonal hashtags are great, especially for shopping-focused posts. Timely posts and trending topics can also have hashtags, such as #blackfriday #julysale

#6 Entertainment Hashtags

These hashtags are intended solely to entertain or engage your target audience, so they may appear in the text of the post rather than in the hashtag section which is often separate from the main title. Ending a post with #toldyouso #legendary #cool could be an example, but this could be something creative and doesn’t need to have a large potential reach because it is meant to attract the audience that is already viewing your content.

Expert advice.

Finally, we recommend including several types of hashtags for each individual post to better connect with your target audience and frequently change the hashtags you use except for your branded hashtags. If you have tips you would like to share with the community, we invite you to comment below. Thank you for reading us and until the next article!