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Marketing in times of Coronavirus

After almost two months of a global pandemic, many of us are thinking or re-evaluating whether we took advantage of our free time to do those things that you could never do, such as learning to cook, exercising every day, zooming in with your friends from your Master’s Program that you haven’t seen in over 5 years ago, anyways… but what about in your professional life, have you determined how to adapt your marketing to times of coronavirus? Have you used the time to improve your brand online? Have you evaluated whether your website has the necessary functionalities for the new normal?

At times when we are at home (which for many is very complicated with household chores, children, their obligations, their zoom classes, etc., and in turn the concern of being able to keep our business afloat), we also have to think of ways to invest in our business or prepare it for the “new normal.”

Without going into details of sectors, because of course there are some that have been much more affected than others by this Coronavirus Pandemic, now is the time to reinvent yourself, to work more and connect with your potential customers online.

  1. A website that represents your brand and most important of all that SELL.
  2. Social networks to tell your story and to connect with your customers.
  3. A professional LinkedIn profile that transmits your experience in the best possible way.


Marketing in times of Coronavirus

Website | Sell online

Are you thinking of changing your website? With the new reality that we have ahead we have to re-evaluate the functionalities of the web in order to better sell your products and services.

Websites for restaurants / caterings:

If you are a restaurant and you are considering taking away or delivery, you need your customers to be able to buy from you through your website, make payment and / or contact you directly through the whats app with a single click. Working with Uber, Glovo and Deliveroo involve additional costs that are not feasible for many, so why not open your own sales and distribution channel?

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Webpages for service companies:

With the mobility restrictions that exist at the moment, it is essential to have a web page that explains your services in a simple and visual manner and that makes it easy for customers to ask for more information. Having a website helps close sales processes quickly with a website that represents you and your brand.

Landing pages to attract clients:

In times when people are working from home, they spend a lot of time on the computer and surfing the net, so it is the right time to do lead capture campaigns for whatever your business is. These campaigns are made up of a well developed landing pages with lots of CTAs, a GoogleAds or FacebookAds campaign and the follow-up process by your sales team.

Social Media | Your social media accounts in times Coronavirus

Don’t neglect your social networks in times like these. Remember that this is where you can really communicate and connect with your customers. By showing empathy and giving them tools to keep dreaming, you can capture their attention. For example if you are a hotel in the Caribbean you can make a post such as this one:

“We are waiting for you on the island of your dreams”

“Plan your next adventure”

Marketing en tiempos de Coronavirus - Marketing in times of Coronavirus

Let your customers understand that you have flexible cancellation policies.

Keep posting about your brand, your products and services (adapted to the new reality), avoiding photos of crowds, crowded terraces, crowded restaurant interiors. Instead, focus on food, new cleaning processes, etc.

LinkedIn | LinkedIn in times of Coronavirus

When I was talking about the things that you have surely done during these months of confinement, I put aside something that many have not considered: fixing your LinkedIn profile.

In a world where everything moves on the Internet, given the COVID-19, the first impression will surely be made online. Therefore, if you want to hire someone or you need a collaborator or you are even looking for potential clients, you will surely do it through LinkedIn. Since your LinkedIn profile is very likely to appear at the top of the search results, you have to make is spectacular.

So, instead of asking yourself: 

Did I take advantage of my time to fix the closet?

Did I do exercise three times a week?

Did I participate in my child’s 1,000,000 zoom calls?

Ask yourself, did I spend time thinking about how to improve my business? Did I fix my website and give it that love I never have time to give? Did I take advantage of those mornings to fix my LinkedIn profile?

If you want to improve your Internet presence, contact us and we will give you recommendations to take advantage of the times of Coronavirus to help you sell more online.