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ProntoPro Spain conducts an interview with one of our Co-founders about our work in the field of digital marketing

Imagine Hub, Digital Marketing Agency was born from the idea of ​​creating a space where we could both exploit our creativity and strategic vision in multiple projects. A hub where we could let our imagination fly in the area that we like most, marketing.

Imagine Hub has been founded by us, Clementina Palacios and Carolina Vargas, both experts in digital marketing and with experience in international projects. We propose to be the happiest agency in Barcelona.

Clementina and I worked together in a company for 3 years. We had good work chemistry and we both had the same style and motivation. 2 years later I approached Clementina with the intention of creating this project together, and it seemed like a very good idea. Then we put it in motion.” – Carolina Vargas

The agency’s mission is to offer all our clients a quality service and always adapted to their needs, with a close, trustworthy and flexible treatment. Among the services we offer are the following: inbound marketing, content marketing, creation of web pages, social media marketing, email marketing, creation of corporate documents and video marketing.

Imagine Hub: Digital Marketing Agency in Barcelona

“Motivation, communication and teamwork are fundamental in our way of working. Since the creation of the agency, we have been very fortunate. Several clients have approached us and everything has flowed in the way expected. We are very keen to carry out new projects that allow us to grow as an agency and at the same time help these companies grow and sell more.” – Clementina Palacios

You can count with us. We help you innovate and create. Write us and know us. We are happy to talk with you about how we can help you meet your goals.