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What is content marketing?

As a business owner, you may have wondered what content marketing is. Without any doubt, content marketing has managed to position itself in recent years as one of the most important aspects of marketing for companies to be known, to generate web traffic, and to create new business opportunities.

Therefore, this article has as main purpose to make it clear what content marketing is, what it is for, how you can start applying it to your company and examples of content marketing, in order to provide you with everything you need to know about this important marketing concept. And so you don’t spend another day without content marketing in your company.

Let us begin!

So… What is content marketing?

Definition: Content marketing is a marketing technique that focuses on creating, publishing and distributing relevant, coherent, attractive and interesting content, to attract and retain our target audience.

To implement this technique, it is important to be clear who our target audience is. It is a serious mistake to create content without taking into account who it is intended for. Therefore, sit down and define the profile of your ideal client, and from there, developing your content marketing strategy will be much simpler.

After having defined it, you will have to define the strategy and the planning of the contents. To do this you must take into account that the contents will always have to respond to the needs and problems of your ideal client, only then can you build an effective strategy.

You must also define the frequency with which you will publish the contents. Remember that it is not necessary to publish every day. Focus more on spending time creating quality content that really has an impact.

To make clear the concept of what content marketing is, we explain it in a simpler way:

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the technique of marketing in which we create attractive content for our audience in order to attract them to our channels so that once they are interested in us, we can begin to carry out some commercial activity.

As an example, if your company is dedicated to natural cosmetics, you could create a content marketing strategy based on educating about the benefits of natural cosmetics on the skin. It would be like this:

  • Blog article: “5 Ways in which using natural cosmetics changed my skin”.
  • Video: “How to make homemade Kiwi mask”.
  • Infographic: “Vitamins that brings natural cosmetics to your face”.

So, for example, in the article “5 Ways in which using natural cosmetics changed my skin”. Suppose we include in the content ….

“I felt very insecure when I tried natural cosmetics for the first time. I started by applying the Olay argan oil mask 3 times a week and little by little I noticed how my skin looked less dry and porous every time … “.

Take advantage of this phrase to place a link to your product in “Argan Oil of Olay”. This would be an example of content marketing with a strategy behind. Redirect people to our Argan Oil product page.

Content marketing is the central axis of what is known today as inbound marketing. Therefore, before starting to perform content marketing. Ask yourself why you will do it and what will happen after a potential client reads about you.

Will you capture their data with a form? Will you make them subscribe to the newsletter? Will you make them request a sample of your product? Will you carry out marketing campaigns to those who have read your content? First think and then decide.


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What is Content Marketing and what is it for?

Content marketing is the best way to build a strong, lasting and trustful relationship with your customers (current and potential), is to share with them content that offers an added value of quality.

Content marketing allows you to attract and attract customers in a more intelligent way than traditional. Helping you and your company to get out of the pattern of “I”, “I”, “AND ONLY ME” and “MY PRODUCT”, and start talking about issues that really interest your target audience.

If we are sensible, the human eye and ear automatically ignores what sounds promotional. Therefore, content marketing is your best ally to excel and get your target audience to read and be interested in you and your brand in a more intelligent and indirect way.

What is content marketing? Content marketing helps you attract and build customer loyalty. It helps you save costs. It helps you with the SEO of your website. And above all, it helps you build a strong brand image.

As an entrepreneur, you may not see the value of content marketing at the beginning, but it is a technique that will undoubtedly bring you medium-term benefits and allow you to save medium and long-term marketing costs.

In parallel, obtaining new clients without having to use traditional marketing methods is often annoying for people.


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Content Marketing Examples

Content marketing comes in different sizes and formats. Here are the different formats with which you can count on your content marketing strategy:

  • Blog Articles
  • Press releases
  • Images with texts
  • Downloadable guides
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Video tutorials
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics

It is important to make a mix of the types of content. So we do not tire our audience with the same format. Choose the formats that best suit what you do.

Nor is it necessary to create content using all. Over time you will realize which have the greatest impact on your niche.

Final thoughts…

From Imagine Hub, Digital Marketing Agency, we hope you have understood what content marketing is and how you can start using it in your company and in your marketing strategy.

If you have doubts about content marketing or need support in the strategy for your company, contact us, and we will help you develop a winning strategy and execute it.

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