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What is Lead Nurturing?

If you have started to venture into what is the world of inbound marketing, surely you have wondered what is lead nurturing ?. Well, lead nurturing is one of the concepts and one of the most important strategies that are encompassed in what all inbound philosophy means.

The purpose of this article is to share with you what lead nurturing is, how to establish an effective lead nurturing or lead nurturing strategy, as well as the steps you must follow to create an effective lead nurturing campaign.


What is Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is defined as the process of cultivating relationships with your prospects with the goal of closing a business when they are ready. In practice, lead nurturing is based on the established actions to interact with leads and clients in a way that encourages them to continue advancing until carrying out a specific action. Be it a click, a purchase, a call, among others.

You should always keep in mind that lead nurturing is to establish at all times, in a timely, efficient and well-directed way, a good connection with your contacts.

Now that we know what lead nurturing is, comes the next big question: How can I apply lead nurturing to my business? To achieve this you must define an effective lead nurturing strategy.

Steps to create a lead nurturing strategy

To create an effective lead nurturing strategy for your business you must complete the following 3 steps. You must start with the management of contacts, continue with the segmentation of them and end with the buyer’s journey. Below we explain each of these steps in more detail.


Step 1 | Contact Management

The first step in creating a lead nurturing strategy is to manage your contacts. Contact management is a strategy that is based on using a software or CRM to save and have easy access to data. Among these data we name as an example: the name, history, telephone number and email address of a contact.

Contact management is based on creating an organized database. It is important to know who your contacts are and to have their information as detailed and organized as possible. It is important to update your contact database on a regular basis. Don’t forget to clean contacts that have been unsubscribed or whose emails are not true. In this way you contribute so that all your efforts are directed to those contacts that are truly important to your business and that deserve your effort in the lead nurturing strategy.


Step 2 | Contact Segmentation

The second step in creating a lead nurturing strategy is to segment your contacts. Contact segmentation involves dividing your contacts into subgroups of prospects with similar interests. These segments can be divided by demographic information, sector, company size, pages visited, open emails, blog articles read, among others.

With the segmentation of contacts you can set nurturing goals for leads based on the actions they carry out with your company. Try not to have duplicate contacts.

Step 3 | Buyer’s Journey

The third step in creating a lead nurturing strategy is the one known as the buyer journey. In this step you must define the different audiences to which you will send emails. For this you have to take into account the buyer people and the buyer’s journey.

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The buyer’s journey is the journey that a contact makes from the beginning to the end. The buyer’s journey consists of 3 stages:

  • Recognition

When preparing this third step, you should bear in mind that at each stage of the buyer’s journey you must offer different content. For example, in the recognition stage, you can submit educational content or content that tells you how they can solve their problems.

On average, a lead must interact with between 6 and 8 contents before being classified as a good lead for sales. Pay attention to this information. It is important. This way you will cultivate solid relationships in your lead nurturing campaigns.


Steps to create an effective lead nurturing campaign

Once we are clear about the steps to create a lead nurturing strategy, it is convenient to understand the steps to create lead nurturing campaigns for each lead nurturing strategy. Below we detail the 5 steps that you must develop.

Steps to create an effective lead nurturing campaign

  • Set SMART goals
  • Select the buyer persona
  • Create content based on your buyer persona’s interests and challenges
  • Determine the chronology. Base yourself on the cycle of purchasing your product
  • Measure and improve results

What is lead nurturing

We hope this article has been very useful to you. Don’t forget that patience is required for lead nurturing. If you do it right and follow all the steps you can get incredible results. If you are interested in staying updated with our content, follow our LinkedIn page.

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Source: Inbound Marketing Certification by HubSpot.