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For business owners: Why invest in marketing campaigns on LinkedIn?

Surely as a business owner you recognize LinkedIn. Surely you have a profile, and you may even have the premium version of your professional profile.

Is this enough?

It depends.

Choosing to use a marketing channel or another will always depend on the nature of your business and who your customers are or where your market is, if it is local or if it is global.

If you have been able to locate several prospects of your interest in this social network, and the product and / or service that you offer is adapted to your needs, investing in LinkedIn can be an excellent marketing activity for your business.

Why invest in marketing campaigns on LinkedIn for your business?

#1 Generate new prospects

Investing in LinkedIn campaigns will undoubtedly help you create new prospects for your business. The best thing about LinkedIn is that many professionals who are the final decision makers are there. You can easily reach top executives or managers. All without bothering them with calls or cold door visits.

It is important to create creative campaigns and that your target clients are well classified as audience based on industry, country or city, job position or company size. Make sure you define your audience well so you do not spend money.

The number of prospects generated per day or per week will depend on the advertising investment you allocate for it. There are sectors or countries where the cost of clicking or converting is higher. You must take all this into account. Define well how much you are willing to invest for a new client.

#2 Generate new business opportunities

Your initial objective may be to sell your product or service, but there is also the possibility that as a result of your campaigns, strategic alliances or partners that help grow your business. Pay attention to the messages that are sent on your web page as a result of LinkedIn campaigns. Also pay attention to your LinkedIn page or profile in case you receive direct messages.

#3 Give visibility to your product and / or service

Let your target customers know that your product or service exists. Communicate the advantages and benefits of your product and / or service. If you don’t tell them, who will tell them?

Try to use clear and concise messages. Focus on saying what they need to hear. The solution to your main problems.

If you have several products as a company, we recommend creating unique campaigns for each product or service. The more specific we are, the better.

#4 Raise the motivation of your sales team

Generating new prospects will boost the motivation of your sales team. Possibly there comes a time when all the prospects have already been exhausted and their motivation is declining. Create a good energy in the team by providing new prospects that will ensure new sales and commissions in the coming months.

#5 Increase the annual profits of your business

If you achieve with marketing campaigns on LinkedIn generate a number of stable prospects every month and achieve a proper follow-up / sale with your sales team, you can notice that your business income will increase. Depending on the sales cycle of your product and / or service, you will begin to see results in due time, as long as the entire marketing and sales process is completed.

There are companies in which more than 50% of clients are generated thanks to LinkedIn. If they can, you can also achieve it.

What should you consider as a business owner when investing in LinkedIn marketing campaigns?

  • Be clear about the objective
  • Be clear about who your customers are
  • Know your product and / or service well
  • Have an advertising investment budget
  • Have specialists in LinkedIn campaigns. It is not the same to put a campaign on Facebook as on LinkedIn.
  • Actively track new prospects or generated business opportunities
  • Continuous feedback among your personnel involved in marketing and sales
  • Optimize campaigns and landing pages for better results
  • Repeat all actions

What types of marketing campaigns can you launch on LinkedIn?

InMail campaigns

In this type of campaign you can send a message in private and direct to those prospects that interest you. It’s our favorite campaign type on LinkedIn.

You will quickly reach those who interest you without wasting time. For this you can choose to generate the leads directly on LinkedIn forms or redirect them to a landing page on your website. We always recommend trying both options.

Sponsored content campaigns

In this type of campaign you can promote the content posted on your LinkedIn company page. We recommend this option if you are interested in promoting your product and / or service using a less direct approach.

Using both types of campaigns goes very well to complement the strategy. You simply have to defer between the type of content that you will share in InMail and the one that you will promote in the sponsored content.

What can I promote in my LinkedIn campaigns?

You can promote what you want. You can promote your product or service directly or use creative excuses to generate new prospects. Among them we recommend:

  • Promote your product and / or service directly.
  • Promote a demo, consultancy or free trial version of your product and / or service.
  • Promote a webinar or promotional event about your product and / or service, or some topic of interest of your target customers related in one way or another to your business. You can use a more indirect approach.
  • Downloadable material or guides of interest to your audience.
Conclusion: Why invest in marketing campaigns on LinkedIn?

Imagine Hub, Digital Marketing Agency encourages you to start incorporating LinkedIn campaigns into your marketing activities. We hope that this article will be of great help to you and that you will be able to generate new prospects with these new actions. If you do not have specialists in LinkedIn campaigns, you can write us and we’ll help you. Either to query mode or running campaigns for you.