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Corporate Document Design Agency

We design corporate documents to boost your business activity.

Diseño de Documentos Corporativos Barcelona
Presentation Design

We design your corporate presentations, either by providing a tailor-made template or the final version.

Corporate Dossier Design

We help you design your corporate dossier so you can present yourself to your clients in the best possible way.

Service Catalog Design

We design catalogs to serve as a marketing tool for the effective promotion of your portfolio of products and services.

Flyers and Brochures Design

We design customized flyers and brochures for your various needs, whether for meetings, presentations, fairs, or corporate conferences.

Business Cards Design

We design personalized business cards to help you establish effective networking and a lasting first impression.

Design of eBooks, whitepapers, and guides

We create the design of your eBooks, whitepapers, and guides to help you convey a good image and attract more leads.

Our plans

Explore our plans and hire the one that best suits your goals and budget.

  • Business Card Design
  • 350
    • ✓ Business card design
    • ✓ Content adaptation
    • ✓ 3 design proposals
    • ✓ 3 rounds of revisions
    • ✓ Delivery in printable and editable format
  • Digital Catalog Design
  • 650
    • ✓ Catalog design
    • ✓ Content adaptation
    • ✓ 1 Cover and 1 Back cover
    • ✓ Up to 10 internal pages
    • ✓ 3 design proposals
    • ✓ 3 rounds of revisions
    • ✓ Delivery in printable and editable format
  • Flyer Design
  • 250
    • ✓ Design of 1 flyer
    • ✓ 3 design proposals
    • ✓ 3 rounds of revisions
    • ✓ Delivery in printable and editable format
  • Corporate Presentation Design
  • 320
    • ✓ Presentation design
    • ✓ Content adaptation
    • ✓ Includes up to 8 slides
    • ✓ 3 design proposals
    • ✓ 3 rounds of revisions
    • ✓ Delivery in editable format: Google Slides or PowerPoint
    • ✓ Additional slide design €40,00
  • Company Dossier Design
  • 650
    • ✓ Concept and graphic design
    • ✓ Content adaptation
    • ✓ 1 Cover and 1 Back cover
    • ✓ 8 Internal pages about the company, products or services, and credibility
    • ✓ 3 Rounds of revisions
    • ✓ Delivery in printable and editable format
    • ✓ Additional page design €40.00
  • eBook, Whitepaper, and Guide Design
  • 400
    • ✓ Design of eBook, Whitepaper, or Guide
    • ✓ Content Adaptation
    • ✓ Up to 10 pages included
    • ✓ 3 design proposals
    • ✓ 3 rounds of revisions
    • ✓ Delivery in printable and editable formats
    • ✓ Additional page design €40.00

Stand out with impressive documents

Corporate digital graphic design is essential to make an impact and leave a lasting impression. At Imagine Hub, we offer corporate document graphic design services that transform your ideas into striking visuals. From creating business cards to corporate presentations, our team works to capture the essence of your brand.

We adapt the documents to your branding

We understand the importance of visual coherence in the business world. That's why we meticulously and precisely adapt each of our corporate document designs to your branding. By thoroughly understanding the values, identity, and objectives of your brand, we personalize every detail of our designs to ensure they seamlessly integrate into your corporate image.

We provide quality documents on time

We are committed to delivering high-quality corporate document designs, promptly meeting your expectations and deadlines. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each project is a visual masterpiece that reflects the quality and professionalism of your brand.

Nuestros Trabajo

Descubre más sobre nuestro trabajo y cómo hemos ayudado a otras empresas con nuestro servicio de diseño gráfico digital


We answer your questions

What does the corporate document design service include?

We offer a wide range of services, including catalog design, presentations, business cards, company dossier, flyer and brochure design. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. Contact us for a customized quote.

How do you work with clients to understand their design needs?

We begin each corporate document design project with a detailed consultation to understand your goals, vision, and preferred style. We maintain close communication throughout the process to ensure that the design reflects exactly what you desire.

How long does it take to complete a corporate document design project?

The duration of the project varies depending on its complexity. Simple projects may take a few days, while more elaborate ones may take several weeks. We establish clear deadlines and rigorously adhere to them.

¿Puedo solicitar revisiones en el diseño propuesto?

Sí, valoramos tus comentarios. Ofrecemos hasta 3 rondas de revisiones durante el proceso de diseño de documentos corporativos para garantizar que estés completamente satisfecho con el resultado final. Tu satisfacción es nuestra prioridad.

¿Qué formatos de archivo recibiré al finalizar el proyecto?

Entregamos todos los archivos finales de los documentos corporativos en formatos estándar como PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF y AI (Adobe Illustrator). También podemos ofrecer los bocetos originales en Figma o Canva. Si necesitas algún formato específico adicional, no dudes en decírmelo y estaré encantado de proporcionártelo.

About Imagine Hub

We are a digital marketing agency comprised of skilled professionals with experience in various sectors, ranging from hospitality to technology. We specialize in web design, digital marketing, campaigns, branding, social media, content creation, and corporate documents. We are pleased at the prospect of working with you.


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