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Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator

Hey there! Today we’ve decided to compile in this article the top 7 free email signature generators. For that, we’ve taken into consideration their user friendliness, their easiness, and that they have no costs involved for you or your company.

As a business owner, it is important to acknowledge how powerful are email signatures on the branding of your company. Thousands of emails are being sent every day to your current customers and potential ones, and for this reason, your team or you, should not send out an email with an ugly signature that does not reflect a good image of your company. The small details count a lot for our clients, and often, make a difference.

For this reason, our digital marketing agency has created this article. So you and our clients can find an easy way to create free email signatures for your companies. Find below the top 7 free email signature generators:


My Signature

Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator is one of best free email signature generators on our list. The tool is more focused on individual users, entrepreneurs, influencers and freelancers. It allows you to select from 11 templates that are very well designed.

They contain all the necessary elements to design an impactful signature. Something that undoubtedly stands out from this tool unlike the others is that it allows you to add the field of responsibility. Whether confidential, environmental or personalized. This signature generator takes perfect care of the graphic aspects of the signatures. We definitely recommend it.

MySignature is more suitable for small companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs, Newoldstamp is the perfect solution for medium and large companies since it includes several centralized management tools: banner campaigns, analytics, department design, among others. In addition, it offers integration with Google Workspace (G Suite), Exchange and Office 365. Click the button below to start creating your signature.

New Old Stamp

Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator

Being one of the best free email signature generators, New old stamp in addition to offering you 30 templates to create your signature, allows you to design custom banners and add applications to your signature such as events, newsletter subscription, make reservations, app store , google play, among others. All this makes it a tool that goes beyond a simple email signature generator. has a very friendly interface. It is modern and minimalist. It is a perfect tool to manage from one to several email signatures for your company. It has an internal analytics system that allows you to track clicks on your signature or that of other employees.

If you consider this to be the signature generator you need, we invite you to design your signature by clicking on the button below.


Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator

The HubSpot free email signature generator provides users the possibility of creating free email signatures with a very user friendly platform. You can use up to 6 different templates. You can also modify colors, change fonts and colors according to your brand. You don’t need to create a profile or anything in order to create your signature. After creating the signature, you can simply copy and paste the signature, or, send it to your email or colleagues.



Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator. is another alternative of the top 7 free email signature generator. You can choose between 5 beautiful templates and personalize them according to your personal information or from the members of your team. You can add social media icons or even add a link directly so your clients can download your app, if this was the case of your business. Have a look and play around a little with this free email signature generator!


Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator

As one of our top 7 free email signature generator, allows to create free email signature that are perfect for professionals, small business owners, and freelancers. Their platform provides you with elements that will help you creating stunning email signatures for your company.


Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator

By using you will be able to create a free email signature and also have the chance of benefitting from their free add ons such as: disclaimers, banners, badges, links, quotes, mobile apps or meetings schedule.


Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator allows you to generate standard signatures for your company. The signature templates from this platform are more traditional. If your company is very traditional in all the marketing activities, this is perhaps a good alternative for you. You can also add social icons, disclaimers or personalized quotes. Bookmark this website and save it for later. So when you have time, you can create a good looking signature for your company.

Top 7 Free Email Signature Generator

We hope at Imagine Hub, Digital Marketing Agency in Barcelona, that this blog post about the top 7 free email signature generators has been useful to you. We hope that, as of today, you can count on a new and beautiful signature that reflects a better image of your brand.

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