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5 Steps on How to Create a Company Dossier

We often hear in the business world about the term “company dossier”, but in reality we may never have asked ourselves what a business dossier is, how to create a company dossier or what its purpose is.

Therefore, from Imagine Hub, Digital Marketing Agency, we explain all these concepts so you have a great understanding about this important corporate document and marketing tool.

What is a company dossier?

A company dossier is a corporate document whose purpose is to present the company, exposing its most relevant data and characteristics, in a reduced and attractive way.

The company dossier, as a business tool, is often used as a cover letter for new clients. It is very common for sales employees to give their new prospects a company dossier when engaging in a conversation. As well as, it is common to deliver a company dossier at the stands of business fairs.

If your company does not yet have a company dossier, then we explain next how to create a company dossier, as well as what a company dossier should include. In this way, you will not spend another year without this important corporate document.

What MUST a company dossier include?

A company dossier consists of 5 main sections. In our digital marketing agency we recommend structuring a company dossier as follows:

Section 1: Company Introduction

In this initial part of the company dossier you will have to capture information about the history, mission, values, vision, objectives and work team of your company. Let them know who you are and what your company does. We recommend a maximum of 4 pages for this section.

Section 2: Presentation of products or services

In this second section, you must present your products or services in the best possible way. We recommend including a brief description of each one, as well as its main features and / or prices (not mandatory). We recommend a maximum of 2 pages for this section.

Section 3: Important statistics of your business

Create attractive graphics that reflect important statistics of your business. Ex: total number of clients, number of services provided, total of countries with which they do business, etc … We recommend a maximum of 2 pages for this section.

Section 4: Credibility

In this section you can choose to include achievements and company awards. As well as certifications obtained that give credibility to customers that they can count on you. You can also play with including testimonials and logos of current customers. We recommend a maximum of 1 page for this section.

Section 5: Contact information

Finally, we recommend assigning a page for contact information. Include your basic information: address, telephone, website, opening hours, among others. We recommend a maximum of 1 page for this section.

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5 Steps on How to Create a Company Dossier

Next, we explain step by step how to make a company dossier:

Step 1: Define the purpose of the company dossier

The first step in making a company dossier is to determine what its purpose is. What we want to say and what we want to achieve. Talk to your team, ask them what information about your company is more relevant to your customers, and what content or statistics would help them get more customers. Make a small internal “Brainstorming.”

Step 2: Determine the structure of the company dossier

From there, we will proceed to create the structure of the company dossier. We will define how many pages and which sections we will need. We recommend that the company dossier does not exceed 10 pages. Remember that the dossier must be a short presentation of the company.

Next, we will proceed to write the content that we will include in the dossier, as well as to collect the images that will be included on each page: logos, photos of founders and / or employees, photos of the offices, photos of the services or products, etc…

Try to make the included texts clear and easy to understand. Include positive and winning phrases about your business.

Step 3: Design the company dossier

After having all the structure created in the dossier, including content and images, we will proceed to select the indicated platform to create our company dossier.

There are many ways on how to create a company dossier. You can choose to create the dossier using Power Point, Canva, PhotoShop or Illustrator. Choose the platform that is easiest for you to use. Keep in mind that when creating a dossier, colors may change at the time of printing. Therefore, be sure to select the appropriate color range to avoid dislikes.

Step 4: Final tests and printing

The next step in the procedure of how to create a company dossier is to carry out printing tests. Send the company dossier to your favorite print shop and perform printing tests before printing all the dossiers. Printing mistakes often occur that make the company dossier not look professionally finished. That is why we insist that you pay attention to this step.

Once the tests have been carried out satisfactorily, proceed to print the number of company dossier you need. We recommend having at least 100 company dossiers on the first run. Then you can print more. We recommend this because spelling errors are often detected in company dossiers and it would not be nice to have printed 2000 company dossiers and have to show them to your customers with errors.

Step 5: Company dossier distribution

Finally, the last step of the process of how to create a company dossier consists of delivering the dossiers to your sales team so that they deliver to their prospects. Place a few in the reception of your company and also proceed to perform the process of digitizing the company dossier. This means, on your website, you must make it possible for your website visitors to download the company dossier. In this way, you will have the company dossier in 2 ways: printed and digital. If you need help with the digitalization process of the dossier, contact us and we will help you.


Company Dossier Sample.

Here is an example of a company dossier that we have created in our digital marketing agency. You can use it as an example to follow. Click here to open it.