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4 Reasons why Barcelona is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the world

Barcelona, ​​the city of Barcelona, ​​is one of the cities that has captured the attention of many entrepreneurs and travelers around the world in the last 20 years. Barcelona not only falls in love, not only does it offer a great tourist offer or is the home of the FC Barcelona club, this city has become an important center of innovation and entrepreneurship, in Spain and throughout the world. The city of Barcelona began to gain popularity with the 1992 Olympics. From this moment, and as a result of the efforts of the Catalan population, the city grew and attracted local and foreign talent for its evolution. But…

What makes Barcelona one of the most entrepreneurial cities?

4 Reasons why Barcelona is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the world

If you don’t live there, it’s hard to understand why. Therefore, as a local marketing agency in Barcelona, ​​and as locals, below we will tell you why Barcelona is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the world: It is an avant-garde city that embraces ideas Barcelona shines for being a city that initiates new ideas and embraces trends. All of this is visible in the different economic sectors and in its different picturesque neighborhoods.

From tourism to the technology and fashion sectors, Barcelona is making itself known. A large number of large national and international business players have emerged in Barcelona, ​​such as: Mango, Glovo, Signaturit or Wallapop. Likewise, Barcelona is a city that attracts and welcomes foreign talent with open arms. Many entrepreneurs reside in Barcelona because it is a modern and technological city. As well as, a place where great minds come together and create synergies. The design and great mobility of the city

The design of the city of Barcelona empowers entrepreneurship. The vision of architects like Muntaner and Gaudí is evident today. In Barcelona, ​​it is very easy to get around and have access to a great offer. The way the city was designed allows each neighborhood to have access to great commerce. Which allows local entrepreneurs to have options and also demand. Barcelona is a city with great mobility. Its premises are in constant movement. Which encourages consumption and support for local businesses. Barcelona is an inclusive, not exclusive, city, so startups consider all types of income and offer different alternatives such as shared economy business ideas.


Barcelona Activa and business incubators

Barcelona has organizations designed exclusively to support entrepreneurship. Which encourages entrepreneurs to continue with their ideas and not feel alone on the path. In the case of Barcelona Activa, this institution helps entrepreneurs promote their business ideas through programs and workshops that accompany the entrepreneur in the development and execution of their projects.

Other important incubators in Barcelona are Seedrocket, Demium Startups and Startup Bootcamp.

It’s “live and let live” philosophy.

When we arrived in Barcelona a few years ago we loved the Catalan philosophy “Live and let live”. For us, here lies the secret. People in Barcelona feel free to think and do. What motivates them to feel capable of doing what they want and what makes them happy. This carries over to the world of entrepreneurship, where if you feel able to live without fear of being criticized, it is more likely that your ideas will flow naturally and that you will be able to bring these ideas to production without this representing an obstacle. From Barcelona to the whole world From our Marketing agency in Barcelona we hope you liked this article. We invite you to comment below with your opinions regarding the topic or if you also wish to provide another reason why Barcelona is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the world.