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How to Attract New Customers

And the fact that not being able to attract new clients is a VERY FRUSTRATING moment for every entrepreneur. It is totally normal to consider having a good service or a great product, and sadly the reality is another, a sad reality in which they can not transform those tangible and intangible economic income for the company.

At this precise moment it is more than evident to have to evaluate what we are doing, why we are doing it and quickly respond to it, making the relevant changes in the most appropriate way.

Being aware in our digital marketing agency of the large number of business owners who are questioning how to attract new customers for their business, in this article we are going to tell you, you, the company owner, how you can attract new customers for your business taking advantage of the resources that you already have.

Before making any changes and applying any strategy to attract new customers, you should evaluate the aspects, processes and fundamental factors that are happening now in your company and that are possibly driving these potential new customers away from you.

To get started…

  • Does your product or service solve a real need?
  • Do you continuously improve your product or service?
  • How well do you know your product or service?
  • Do you conduct satisfaction surveys with your clients?
  • Have you done a competitive analysis in the last year?
  • Have you done an internal business analysis in the last year?

If as a business owner you do not frequently ask yourself these questions, it is very important that you start doing it.

From these questions, we share with you below key resources and strategies that you must take into account as a business owner so you can attract new customers.

8 Key resources that you must take into account to attract new clients

Next, we share with you 8 key resources that you must take into account to attract new clients. 

#1 Have a good product / service that responds to the real needs of your target audience

As a business owner or marketing and sales manager, make sure you have a good product or service that supports your company. Nobody wants to pay for a product or service that does not add value. Do not forget to set realistic prices. In the event that you have high prices, be sure to make it clear to your target audience the differential aspect and the value it brings compared to the competition.

#2 Know your product / service well: advantages and disadvantages

It is fundamental for every business owner to know in depth the product or service that he sells. For this it is necessary to make an analysis of the characteristics, functions, advantages and benefits of what we sell. We recommend that you do a current analysis of your product and / or service and determine the advantages and disadvantages of your product compared to direct and unregulated competitors.

#3 Have a good website to sell more

Having a good website will give visibility to your business. Having a well designed website with images and attractive content will generate a good image of your company and, therefore, your product or service. Having a web page will contribute to increase the income of your company thanks to its great reach in the digital world, which will attract new interested customers. Finally, having a good website will increase your competitive advantage in relation to your competitors and allow your current customers to be informed of your news, new features of your product or service, among others.

#4 Have a good CRM in your company

Many business owners commit the serious error of hiring the cheapest CRM (Customer Relationship Manager Software) that exists in the market or a CRM that does not offer the functionalities that your business needs. Hiring a CRM poorly can negatively affect your sales opportunities.

A CRM is an indispensable tool for the sales team, providing them with efficiency, control and knowledge about the status of the pipeline or the client portfolio. Another benefit of CRM is to help you analyze the behavior of different client portfolios, as well as to make smarter business decisions. 100% based on the data provided by the software. Having a good CRM allows you to have more agile and collaborative workflows, be able to integrate it with third applications that are useful and that your data is in a safe place.

Take your time and research what is the best CRM for your company.

#5 Have a good sales team

As a business owner you should make sure you have a good sales team and try to train them continuously. You must be able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. If you consider that something is wrong with sales, apart from carrying out an analysis of your product or service, you should also analyze what your salespeople are doing.

Make sure you have salespeople who feel in line with the company’s objectives and are able to pass it on to clients and prospects. Identify that your sales team creates in the product or service. And also, be able to argue the value of the product and service to justify its price against new sales opportunities. Do not forget to identify if your salespeople perform the proper follow-up with customers, here new sales opportunities may die.

Finally, do not forget to establish measurable, quantifiable and real objectives. They must be ambitious but they must also be achievable so as not to demotivate your team.

#6 Have a good marketing team

Depending on the size of your company, your capital will allow you to have a marketing team, a single employee or subcontract to a marketing agency like ours.

The important thing is not to forget to include marketing in the business plan of your company. Without marketing we could not know our customers and, therefore, what they want or want.

Marketing generates profitability for your company by promoting the sale of your product or service, giving visibility to your brand. It is true that marketing costs but the important thing is not to leave it out and constantly analyze the ROI (return on investment) that each marketing action gives us as business owners. About 72% of organizations that calculate ROI say that their marketing strategy is effective.

If you still do not execute marketing in your company, today is a good day to start. If you need help with it, contact us and we will carry out a marketing consultancy for your company.

#7 Impeccable alignment and communication between sales and marketing teams

Previously we have already mentioned the importance of having a sales and marketing team. The success of having both lies in how good the link between both departments is.

There is no point in having a marketing and sales team if there is no good communication and clear established processes where each team’s work begins and ends and where they must work together. Many sales opportunities are lost due to lack of communication.

#8 Excellent customer service

Why should your client pay for your product or service if at the end you will not pay attention to him later?

This is the mistake that many companies make. They make the customer pay and then not offering them attention or support can have the opposite effect: an annoying and dissatisfied customer. Try to have a person or a team in your company to be able to help current clients with their doubts or needs. Do not forget that it is always cheaper to retain a client than to get a new one. Work to keep happy those who already trust you instead of being ambitious and get new at the expense of those who already have.

5 Ways to awaken the interest for attracting new customers

After putting into practice the 8 key resources provided in the block above, below we share with you 5 ways you can achieve the interest of your target audience and get them to become new customers. How to Attract New Customers by awakening their interest:

#1 Seasonal offers

Depending on the nature of your business, you can offer temporary offers. Keep in mind the most important seasonal dates and they can be of great help to sell more.

Many companies take advantage of the famous days of Black Friday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas Parties to sell more.

Think about your product or service and consider which times of the year can be used to offer temporary offers and increase your sales with new customers or current customers who repeat their purchases.

Do not forget to help with digital marketing strategies to achieve greater reach.

#2 Free Testing/Demo of Products or Services

If your product or service is very expensive, consider offering free trials can be a good idea. If you have products, start by creating a sample of those products that you are interested in selling.

If you have a service, be it software, or moving or cleaning service, you can offer a free trial, a demonstration or an initial discount for new customers to try it out. Make sure the discount you apply does not harm the reputation of your product.

#3 Set Competitive Prices

Previously we had recommended you to perform a competitive analysis, taking into account the price factor. Depending on the results of this analysis, try to establish competitive prices. This can increase the demand.

#4 Differential Aspects Well Marked

Make a list of the differential aspects and benefits of your product or service and make sure you communicate it everywhere. Train your marketing and sales team.

Make sure they have this clear. Well that all your staff is clear about the differential aspects of what they are marketing can have a positive effect on the sales of the company. If you can not identify benefits or differential aspects of the competition, you must improve your product or service to differentiate it.

#5 Have Happy and Satisfied Customers

There is no better marketing than a satisfied customer who goes by word of mouth recommending it to their own. Therefore, invest time and efforts to keep those you already have satisfied and happy. Do not forget to always use the satisfaction surveys or call every so often to know if they are satisfied or that we could improve.

8 Digital Marketing Strategies on How to Attract New Customers Online

After having clear all of the above, below we share with you 8 digital marketing strategies with which you can attract new customers online. Keep in mind that the following strategies will be correct depending on your target audience and your type of product or service. How to Attract New Customers with digital marketing strategies:

#1 Have a good website that works for all Digital Marketing activities

The first and most basic strategy in digital marketing is to have a good website that serves as a landing page for any action or digital marketing campaign.

A website that does not explain who we are or our product or service in a clear, clean and visual way, can reduce the impact of our campaigns and therefore the investment we are making as business owners.

If you do not have a website, now is a good time to create it. And if you have it but it is old, today is also a good time to modernize it.


#2 LinkedIn as a tool to reach new prospects

Investing in LinkedIn campaigns will undoubtedly help you create new prospects for your business. The best thing about LinkedIn is that many professionals who are the final decision makers are there. You can easily reach top executives or managers. All without bothering them with calls or cold door visits.

It is important to create creative campaigns and that your target clients are well classified as audience based on industry, country or city, job position or company size. Make sure you define your audience well so you do not spend money.

Related article: Why invest in marketing campaigns on LinkedIn?

The number of prospects generated per day or per week will depend on the advertising investment you allocate for it. There are sectors or countries where the cost of clicking or converting is higher. You must keep all this in mind. Define well how much you are willing to invest for a new client.


#3  Facebook and Instagram Ads to give visibility and increase your sales

Facebook and Instagram currently have 2 billion active users. Missing all these people would be a bad idea if you are looking to attract new customers. For this reason, if you consider that your product or service can be sold through Facebook and Instagram, we recommend you to put strategy to the test in your business and analyze your ROI month by month.

Do not forget to create very visual campaigns with content that attracts. Remember that you are not the only one posting there. Many companies get all their customers through Facebook and Instagram. These networks represent the core of all your sales activities. What happens if it’s yours too?


#4 Email Marketing to improve your sales opportunities

Many companies generate large databases over the years and do not take advantage of it. For this reason we propose you as a strategy to attract new customers, carry out email marketing activities to improve your sales opportunities.

You can create email marketing campaigns to promote temporary offers or to communicate new features of your product or service. To invite a webinar or to invite events about your company.

You can also take advantage of creating automated mail chains that encourage conversion to new customers. Try to design eye-catching templates and write attractive content.


#5 Content Generation to influence the decisions of your potential new customers

Content marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy of a company. Since it involves creating and sharing content that is valuable to attract potential customers and turn them into recurring buyers.

The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell and has to follow the style of what you pose as a brand. Do not forget that this content can be shared through your social networks or get organic traffic from new potential customers.


#6 Creation of free guides and infographics to arouse interest

Another strategy of digital marketing that we recommend to attract new customers is the creation of free guides and downloadable infographics.

In such a way that you can capture the information of the people who download them. Your marketing team will be able to work with these prospects through different actions, such as email marketing, and to awaken the interest of this new prospect so that your sales team can close new sales and attract new clients.

In our Digital Marketing agency we can help you create free guides and infographics. Contact us and we help you design the creative content plan.


#7 Video Marketing or Webinars to explain benefits of your product or service

Stand out from the competition with interactive content. Nowadays social networks prefer to show audiovisual content to static images.

Therefore, you will gain advantage and greater visibility in relation to your competitors. Therefore, we invite you to incorporate this digital marketing strategy into your marketing plan. If you need help in the production of Marketing Videos or Webinars, contact us and we help you to implement it with the help of our partners in video production. 

#8 Go Inbound! – Outbound marketing has gone out of style!

Did you know that through Inbound Marketing each lead costs 62% less than through traditional Marketing? Inbound marketing allows your business to grow in an organic manner. Traditional marketing is more expensive than inbound marketing.

For this reason, we recommend designing a global digital marketing strategy focused on the sale and that allows to increase the visibility of your brand, your income and help you to obtain and retain customers.

Contact us and we help you Design an Inbound Marketing plan for your business that is easy to apply.


We hope that this article will be very useful when considering new ideas to attract new customers for your company. Do not forget that any action or strategy that you implement, needs motivation, follow-up and care. From Imagine Hub, Digital Marketing Agency in Barcelona, we wish you all the best on your way to attract new customers. View all our services here.

If you have questions or questions, comment below and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also send us an email directly if you prefer to keep it private: