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5 Marketing strategies for companies on LinkedIn: Get the most out of this business network!

As a marketing agency we have analyzed how many small and medium-sized businesses open a company account on LinkedIn and the account remains without movement or with little interactivity for months, if not for years.

LinkedIn, when managed correctly, can be a powerful sales and branding channel for your business. Therefore, if you are one of those who is not able to publish posts every day and maintain a community properly, below we share 5 marketing strategies for companies on LinkedIn that will help you achieve your business objectives without investing so much. time or resources.

5 Marketing Strategies for Businesses to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Events

Creating events on LinkedIn will undoubtedly give visibility to your brand and help you gain new ground. If you’re planning a webinar, take advantage of LinkedIn to publish your event and reach more people. Since its introduction, thousands of companies are already doing it. If you are one of those who organizes events or webinars, go ahead. It can be of great benefit to your business.

Actively participate in LinkedIn groups

Do you publish blog articles on your website?

Do they publish in the press about your business frequently?

Take advantage of LinkedIn groups related to the nature of your business to share the information you already have. By the way, comment on other posts in the group of other members to network and gain traction. Use hashtags and comment on relevant hashtags We are not in favor of using 1,000 hashtags. It is important to choose those hashtags that are relevant to your sector, your business and your audience. Make sure you check that these hashtags have followers on LinkedIn, if not, there is no point in adding them to your posts because it won’t give you as much organic reach. 

Another important hashtag strategy is to search for relevant hashtags and comment on relevant posts to build brand awareness. It’s a good way to network.

InMail Campaigns

InMail is an excellent LinkedIn tool. It is a LinkedIn campaign type format that allows you to send a message to the inbox of professionals who have been selected with a specific segmentation. For example, you can segment the audience and send a message offering your sales consulting services to managers of companies with more than 10 employees in the Barcelona area in the pharmaceutical sector. It means creating the campaign one day and letting it run with a daily budget. This way, you can save time and reach more business prospects. Another use that you can give it is to invite a target audience to follow your business page, share with them a guide or webinar that you have previously created or recorded. They are good ways to start an online conversation with those who interest us.

LinkedIn Polls 

In recent months, LinkedIn polls or surveys have become an important part of the daily lives of those who publish content on LinkedIn company pages. This content format is dynamic and allows you to get to know your community of followers better. The best thing about LinkedIn surveys is that they give much greater organic reach than traditional posts. If you want to increase the reach of your posts, try doing one or two surveys a month to get it.

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