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What is an audio logo and why is it important for brands

We recently interviewed the renowned musical composer Bernardo Castro, who has made marketing musical compositions for advertisements for brands such as Audi, SEAT, Ax, Casa Tarradellas, Fanta, Danone, McDonald’s, among other world-renowned brands.

The Mexican composer Bernardo Castro, winner of international awards and a graduate of the famous Berklee College of Music, agreed to answer from his residence in Barcelona some questions that we asked him on the subject for business owners and also experts in the area of marketing and business. communications can understand what an audio logo is and why it is important for brands as a differential aspect compared to their competitors or to reach more effectively and remain present in the minds of their target audiences.

Here are the questions we asked Bernardo and his answers from his professional point of view.

What is an audio logo?

An audio logo is defined as a sound, an effect, a short music clip, a musical riff, or a voice-over that typically lasts between three and five seconds. An audio logo is an important element within what is the sound branding of a brand. The audio logo, commonly also known as the sound logo, acoustic logo or sound logo, is the sound symbol of the brand and must be short, concise, easy to remember, and can be instrumental, sung or spoken.

Below we have the well-known audio logo created by McDonald’s to give you a better idea of what we are talking about:



Where can brands use an audio logo?

In all types of campaigns and on all platforms (radio, TV, digital media, social networks, email marketing, among others).

Why is it important for brands to have their own audio logo?

It is important for brands to have their own audio logo because it is important that they have their own voice. Just as in marketing the logo, the slogan, the communication messages, an audio logo are important, it is also an important part of what makes up the branding of a brand of a product or service.

Larger companies do give it more importance. But small and medium-sized companies not so much. It is important that all types of companies consider this as part of their brand strategy and that they do not leave this aside in the creative process part. Many companies consider this to be an expensive action, and it is not at all. There are many professionals for different budgets of companies.

With the rise of digital media, few brands have an original audio logo with their own copyright. With so many ads that we see today on YouTube, on Instagram, on TikTok, sometimes I wonder … Why don’t marketers make the decision to give their posts an original sound? If it is also something that your consumers enjoy and that remains in their minds and that perhaps transcends word of mouth conversations.

Bernardo, What process does it take to create an audio logo?

The first thing is to meet with the client or the agency to share with me the mission and the values of the brand and what they want to convey through the audio logo. It is also important to know what market you are looking to reach and try to get the most information about the type of audio logo you are looking for. Perhaps the company wants something instrumental that transmits nostalgia, or perhaps they want the audio logo to contain the brand’s slogan sung by a female voice.

In general, the aim is to create a powerful melody that stays in the mind of the consumer and give a sound identity that transmits the values of the brand.

Once I have all the necessary information, the creative process begins. In my case, this implies getting as much information as possible about the brand, knowing its products or services and starting to create different proposals to show the client.


How much does it cost to create a custom audio logo for a business?

The cost is divided into two parts; the first part is the production costs (recording studio, singers, musicians, etc.) and is determined by the style and type of sound that the client is looking for. This cost varies depending on the brief, but an average cost is 500 euros.

The second part of the cost is the user license and again there are several factors to determine. Will it be used only in national campaigns or also in other countries? Will it be used only in digital media or also on radio and television? And the last factor to consider is the term of use of the license. The longer you want to use the audio logo, the higher the cost.


Finally, why do you think that companies with a digital presence should have their own audio logo?

Because it gives a sound identity to the brand or company, and allows creating a bond with the consumer that goes beyond the visual identity.

Nowadays, many brands decide to buy sounds available in audio banks, which allows them not to have a unique, differential sound, and what other brand can buy the same sound and place it in the different communications of their brand. Which would be embarrassing for a brand in the event that it happened.


What is an audio logo and why is it important for brands

We hope this article has been of great use to you. If you are interested in learning more about audio logos and musical composition for brands, you can contact the composer Bernardo Castro on his website and he will gladly answer your questions.